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Sumba Island might not have entered in your traveling list. You should know that there are so many tourist attractions in Sumba which makes you forget the beauty of Bali and Lombok. Moreover, currently, Sumba Island becomes an anti-mainstream destination which has not been visited by many travelers. Tourism infrastructure in Sumba might not as complete as Bali or Yogyakarta. However, this is the best time when you will experience the original beauty of Sumba before this island will be crowded with travelers. You are able to try Wisata
Sumba Island.

Weekuri Lake

This is one of the most recommended tourist attractions in Sumba Island. Weekuri Lake maybe the only saltwater lake in Indonesia. This lake has greenish clear water and located in North Kodi. This saltwater lake is so beautiful since this place was surrounded by rocks. Saltwater is believed to come out between the rocks which are directly bordered with the sea.

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Tempat wisata di Sumba Tengah

So, this is one of the best destinations in Sumba. Even the flight ticket to Sumba is cheaper if you book it online in advance. There are other tourist attractions on Sumba which will make you forget a moment about your burden and relieve all of your stress.

Puru Kambera

Puru Kambera like Savana in Baluran National Park, Banyuwangi, Locals In Puru Kambera raises their livestock by releasing them into the wild. No wonder, if you will meet various kinds of livestock on the road such as cows, goats, and pigs. One of the unique things in Puru Kambera is the existence of the Bila trees. This is favorite fruit among cows, especially when they thirsty. nature is still natural here and a bit arid. However, the atmosphere here is so calm so that you still hear the roar of waves crashing on the sloping shoreline.

Walakiri Island

Walakiri Beach is popular for its white sand and sloping beaches. When the seawater recedes, then you are able to walk up to the mangrove trees and the beach as well. one of the activities that you can try is sunbathing in this place, swimming around or just relax your body on the beach while you enjoying refreshing coconut ice here. This is one of the tourist attractions in Sumba which is so unique. Let’s wait until the water recedes, then you can walk around into the beach.

Nihiwatu Beach

Nihiwatu Beach was said as one of the best beaches in Asia. Thanks to its beautiful beach which often compared to the coast of Hawaii. The sand is so clean, clear seawater with a sloping landscape which been surrounded by verdant hills. This tourist attraction is one of the most popular destinations in Sumba even among foreign tourists as well. Uniquely, some shores here have large stones which become one of the natural scenery here. moreover, there are so many good resorts which can spoil you while you are visiting Nihiwatu Beach. this beach also one of the best-surfing destinations and suitable for other water sports such as diving and snorkeling.

Tarung Village

One of the traditional villages located in the middle of the city is Tarung village in Waikabubak City. The traditional leader in this village was called as Rato. Residents of Tarung Village is still embraced the belief of Merapu. Traditional houses have still existed even though they only rely on pegs and iron nails. The shape of this house is so simple and has a high roof which even wrapped with straw. The roof is used to store food and grain, while hey love in the middle part and the lower part for pets and livestock. Just visit best Wisata Sumba Island.

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