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The underwater nature in East Sea Indonesia was known to still pure so that coral reefs and marine biota here are living naturally in their natural habitat. East Nusa Tenggara is one of the regions in Eastern Indonesia which is easily accessible because it still borders with a central part of Indonesia. The popularity of the wealth and beauty in the underwater world in East Nusa Tenggara increasing. If you love diving, then you can try Sumba Scuba Diving.

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Tempat wisata di Sumba Tengah

Around Flores sea or Labuan Bajo, there are so many small islands. Even some of them were included in the resorts with more exclusive and privacy service for visitors. So, you can check some diving destinations below in East Sea Indonesia.

Selat Pantar Marine Park

The beauty and uniqueness of Pantar Strait Marine Park are truly amazing. When compared to Komodo Marine Park, Derawan in East Borneo, Bunaken in North Sulawesi or Raja Ampat in West Papua, this location is still the best. Although the marine parks are more popular lately, however, among world-class divers Pantar Strait Marine Park is superior with its stunning beauty. It was said that this marine park as the second most beautiful marine park in the world after the Caribbean Islands.

Bidadari Island

Bidadari Island is a small island which located in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara Province. This island is located among a group of islands in Labuan Bajo which has maritime tours. Bidadari Island is a popular destination since there is a Marine Park with a variety of ornamental fish.

Ninge Bay

Ninge Bay is a former of an ancient village which known as Ninge Village which sank to the seabed due to Tsunami in 1918. Currently, it only leaves debris from the ruins of former house buildings as well. Then the former area of Ninge Village has now become one of the favorite diving and snorkeling destinations in East Nusa Tenggara with its amazing underwater scenery.

Kajuwulu Cape

This cape is located in the northern coastal region of Magapenda Subdistrict, East Nusa Tenggara. It takes around 24 km from Maumere Center. This is one of the favorite diving and snorkeling destinations that you can find in East Nusa Tenggara. This area shows you with beautiful white sand beaches that will hypnotize you. besides that, the water in this area also has great underwater views. This cape was surrounded by green hills where you can enjoy a stretch of white sand and clear sea water from a height. Even this hill also has a tall cross-shaped statue.

Kepa Island

Kepa Island is like a forgotten world. The touch of modernization is still minimal here. On this island, there are no paved roads, motorized vehicles or food stalls, Kepa Island offers you with refreshing air for those who want to get rid of stress from daily routine. This island has a white sand beach and clear blue seawater which far away from the crowds.

Maumere Marine Bay

At least there are nineteen islands in Maumere Bay. Maumere Bay has coral reef destinations and various types of ornamental fish and other marine biotas. Instead of having a beautiful and amazing underwater scenery, a cluster of islands in Maumere Strait has a beach with clean white sand and calm sea water. This bay is perfect for those who want to go to snorkeling, diving, and other beach destinations.

Seraya Island

Maybe not many people know this island. You should know that there are still other islands that you can visit with natural beauty which not too pretty different from other islands in Komodo Island or Rinca Island. Of course, you can try Sumba Scuba Diving.

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