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In addition to Lombok Island, you are able to make Sumba Island as your holiday destination when visiting the archipelago on the eastern side of Indonesia. Sumba Island is just exotic and awesome. Maybe a thousand words are not enough to describe Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara. You are able to find so many beautiful beaches, hill areas, and traditional villages once you arrive in Sumba. This place will definitely fascinate you. There are many resorts offer you with Sumba Island Scuba Diving as well.

Praijing Village

Once you arrived in this area, then you can see a village which built on a hill. Interestingly, residents here also maintained local wisdom. Praijing Village is surrounded by forests and trees. In fact, it turns out that this area was designated as a site with megalithic stones. This destination is perfect for history lovers. You have to know, Praijing Village has several houses with various designations such as Uma Bokulu and Uma Mbatangu. Of course, you can see local people here weaving traditional clothes.

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You should know that if you want to get around in Praijing Village, there is a rule that you have to obey, you have to face the customary chief here. Praijing Village takes around 46 kilometers from Tambolaka, then you can go to Waikabubak City first. This is better to use a tour guide service since this is your first time here. They will help you to make your visit here fun and effective.

Nihiwatu Beach

Do you ever imagine there are horses roaming the beach? If so, then you have to visit this beach in West Sumba. Precisely located on Nihiwatu beach, you are able to witness the beauty of nature while watching horses running around this beach. This beach was also called as the best beach in Asia. Since this beach was managed by an international resort called Nihiwatu Beach, so only guests who staying here who allowed to enter this beach. even this resort also has villas which face the sea directly. some of the bungalows consist of 3 large rooms built in a hill and equipped with a private pool which directly faces the Indian Ocean.

Ratenggaro Traditional Village

Sumba is not only able to attract visitors to beach tourism. While you are here, you can find traditional bamboo houses with a unique 25-meter of the roof. Ratenggaro itself has an interesting meaning as the grave of Garo people. There are around 304 stone graves here and three of them are so unique and located in the edge of the sea, the size and sculpture of rach tomb will add a magical and deeper impression in this place. Even you can find a hidden beach here. while reading a horse, you will watch the clear seawater and enjoy the beautiful sound here. To reach this village, then you can start your journey from Tambaloka and it takes around 40 kilometers.

Mbawana Beach

After visiting Ratenggaro Traditional Village, then you can continue your journey to the exotic Mbawana Beach. While you are here, you are able to find unique arches and holes in the rock and stand firm on the shore. The beauty of Mbawana Beach itself can be seen from the top of the hill. So you are able to play water on the edges.

You should know that you do not forget to capture your beautiful moment here when the dusk coming. Since the panorama here will surely make you fascinated. The location of Mbawana Beach itself can be taken for approximately 1 hour from Tambaloka Center. Sumba Island Scuba Diving as one of the best activity here.

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