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Southwest Sumba Regency located in Nusa Tenggara has very beautiful destinations which can be used as your best place to calm down if you want to release your stress due to heavy activities every day.You are also able to eliminate all of your fatigue inside your body. There are some natural attractions in Sumba which are so exotic and still rarely visited. Therefore you can enjoy all of the naturalness destinations alone without any hassle at all. Sumba Tour Indonesia should include in your next destination.

Weekuri Lake

Weekuri Lake is a tourist attraction in North Kodi. According to some foreign tourists who have visited this place, it becomes one of the best attractions in Southwest Sumba since it is very rare to find lakes with saltwater with a supportive natural atmosphere.

Londa Lima Beach

One of the beaches located close to Waingapu is Londa Lima beach. This beach as a distinctive character from other beaches that you might find in Sumba. This beach has white sand, clear seawater and has a sloping beach. No wonder that this beach always becomes the vacation spot, especially during the weekend.

Waikabubak City Horse Statue

Horse Statue in Waikabubak City is located in Bhayangkara Street. The location of the horse statue is one of the culinary attractions at night. The swordsman was a Pasola who bring the spear gun. You should know that tourist attractions in Sumba are not only natural attractions. So, when you want to taste delicious or special menu here, ensure that you visit this place.

Pero Beach

Pero Beach has a unique landscape. Actually, this beach is a bay. Downstream of the river does not go directly to the sea but this is separated by a land of white sand which forms like a natural bridge.

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While going to the middle of this beach, then you will see beautiful corals which inhibits the sea waves crashing to the land. You should know that this beach is one of the most interesting tourist attraction in Sumba where you can find more natural attractions here. moreover, there are many beaches which are still virgin and not visited by many tourists yet.

Marosi Beach

Marosi Beach spread around 3 kilometers in West Sumba. This is also one of the best places in Sumba to enjoy beautiful sunset here. This beach is easy to reach since the road to Marosi Beach is pretty good. However, public transportation is not available yet. Keep in mind that you have to use private vehicles or rent a car to bring you there. If you want to visit exotic beaches in Sumba, then it is not enough when you only spend a day. You are also able to find out affordable hotels which closed to Tambaloka Airport.

Matayangu Waterfall

This waterfall has a height of around 75 meters. This natural waterfall is so beautiful since this place included in the National Park area. uniquely, there is a small cave behind this beautiful waterfall.

Persaudaraan Hill

If you want to get fresh green scenery in Lombok, then this place can be your best destination. This hill really spoils your eyes. Then you will be treated with green hills and trees here. no wonder that this location was once used as one of the national film shoots.

Watuparunu Beach

This beach located in East Sumba which is also beautiful. Even though this location is pretty far from Waingapu Center, but the beauty of this beach is comparable to the scenery and beautiful beach. one of the best features that you can find here is the existence of Batu Putih Cliff. Sumba Tour Indonesia can be your next destination list.

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